Gartner indicated that well over well over 86 percent of business workloads would be virtualized by 2016, and by “2020, a corporate "no-cloud" policy will be as rare as a "no-internet" policy is today… Cloud-first, and even cloud-only, is replacing the defensive no-cloud stance that dominated many large providers in recent years.”

lincolncomputerservices_cloudcare-logo-managed-services-copyLincoln Computer Services recognizes that cloud computing is the new growth engine for business. Therefore, Lincoln has invested into development of a unique, complete, on premise cloud. With Lincoln’s Cloudcare service, the company continues to fundamentally transform the way IT services are delivered and consumed by organizations while helping them to meet their business goals.

Lincoln provides hybrid and full cloud strategies that are specific to the needs of all businesses, in multiple vertical industries and of different sizes and budgets. Contact Lincoln today for a no-obligation consultation. This consultative offering helps corporations and public sector organizations to determine readiness and helps to outline paths to more secure, flexible, compliant and cost-effective IT environments.

Software as a Service / SaaS

SaaS is a software on demand model. Lincoln hosts commercially available software over the Web and gives network-based access to a single copy of an application created specifically for SaaS distribution. SaaS models provide many business and resource advantages, including easier administration, automatic patch and update management, compatibility and global accessibility.

The benefit: Businesses do not have to purchase, install, maintain, or update any hardware or software. Access to applications is easy: all that is needed is an Internet connection.

Infrastructure / IaaS

IaaS permits Lincoln to host hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components on behalf of its users. IaaS also enables Lincoln to offer complete co-location and fail-over services at significantly reduced complexity and cost to organizations of all sizes.

Virtualization (virtual desktops and virtual servers) eliminates IT complexity and optimizes connectivity, enabling companies to focus on business. More specifically, Lincoln hosts applications and handles tasks such as system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning. In addition, the pay-as-you-go virtualization and hybrid cloud models eliminate capital expenses of deploying in-house hardware and software.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is business continuity. Whether employees are traveling for business or if a disaster strikes, IaaS lets businesses access the same infrastructure they have always accessed via an Internet connection, from wherever they happen to be located.

Cloud Email Solutions

Communication is a critical success factor for businesses. Cloud email solutions such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange offer a reliable email system with guaranteed uptime, as long as Internet connectivity is available. Lincoln’s unique, fully hosted exchange solution for the company’s clients is housed in a SOC 1 / SOC 2 compliant data center; located in the United States. This hosted Exchange data and these services are in a redundantly backed up environment that ensures access at all times to critical email services.

In 2013, Aberdeen Group estimated that small businesses lose an average of $8,581 per hour of downtime. Perhaps the biggest benefit to Cloud Email Solutions is peace of mind that email access is always available and secure and that the data is perpetually backed up.


By sharing servers, storage, and network resources, cloud computing is a smart, cost-effective approach to achieving:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced operational complexity
  • Secure remote access
  • More flexible and agile IT service delivery
  • Greater control over IT security and compliance
  • Enhanced disaster recovery and business-continuity capabilities

Why Lincoln Computer Services?

Lincoln Computer Services is a leading Managed IT Services and business solution provider company in the New York Tri-State area, with deep experience in cloud computing. To learn more Lincoln’s cloud and hybrid offerings and how businesses can take advantage of the latest in cloud technology, please contact Lincoln today for a no-obligation consultation. The cloud computing consultation will determine readiness and help outline the path companies can take to create more secure, flexible, and cost-effective IT environments.

Read Lincoln’s business continuity white paper to learn how the company implemented cloud computing to help one of its clients alleviate costly downtime and the upfront costs that come with buying new equipment. Also, PLEASE CONTACT LINCOLN COMPUTER SERVICES with any questions that you may have.