Working With Defense Contractors Requires Top Security and Regulatory Compliance

MITEQ, an acronym for (M)icrowave (I)nformation (T)ransmission (EQ)uipment, designs and manufactures a complete line of high-performance components and subsystems for the microwave electronics community. Located on Long Island, N.Y., for more than 38 years, it has grown into a company which is dedicated to achieving technical excellence, producing quality products and satisfying our customer’s specific needs.

MITEQ’s network supports over 600 workstations running everything from legacy applications to Microsoft Windows 7 environments. Because they work with so many defense contractors, and handle so many sensitive documents, MITEQ must always be increasing their security auditability to achieve levels comparable to those of their customers. The original network was designed based on the Novell Netware network operating system and evolved organically over the years in order to respond to the constant flow of new requirements.

“We decided that we needed to get some additional structure into the network to keep current with current standards,” explains Ed Zwerling, information systems analyst for MITEQ. Our network was not conducive to implementing Active Directory, which we knew we had to do to achieve and manage the level of security and compliance we needed. Our goal was a state-of-the-art network where everything was compliant with standard business practices to the level required of our customers, government contractors.”

Working With Lincoln Creates Solutions
“Lincoln came in and held several meetings with us at the 100,000-foot view. Their formulation-stage engineers came in and asked all the right questions. We gave them where we were, and where we needed to be, and they drew the roadmap that would get us there.”

Once that roadmap was approved, Lincoln set about identifying specific infrastructure requirements to be addressed, recommending and providing new hardware, and then configuring that hardware to free up MITEQ staff. Working with MITEQ’s IT team, they designed the Active Directory tree and stepped up to the challenges of adding the existing mixture of desktop clients to it. Lincoln desktop specialists aided with the physical joining of desktops into the new Active Directory structure.

Another major step for MITEQ was the virtualization of their servers for the first time. By upgrading equipment, Lincoln moved MITEQ into a completely virtualized server environment complete with comprehensive data backup. The new environment even includes a new SharePoint server farm to accommodate planned future development. “By virtualizing our servers, Lincoln reduced many requirements and costs,” declares Zwerling, “including physical space to house equipment, reduced power requirements, and reduced air conditioning. Plus, they gave us lots more physical growth space.”

MITEQ works in a campus environment with four buildings on Long Island and another in Chicago. To assure rapid disaster recovery, Lincoln replicated many capabilities between the different buildings. “If we lose functionality in one building,” explains Zwerling, “we can be back up and running quickly from another building.”

An Excellent Experience Yields Superior Results
When asked to evaluate his experience working with Lincoln Computer Services, Zwerling calls it simply, “Excellent! They’ve been very responsive, and they’ve gone beyond what was contracted for in many instances. We were having problems with one of our backup programs totally unrelated to their project. Without hesitation they assisted us with different ways of connecting to it. When it became obvious that we needed more help with the network redesign and infrastructure documentation, they switched gears and helped us there very quickly. Their depth of knowledge is excellent, and they know what they’re doing.”

Zwerling’s not the only one at MITEQ who’s satisfied with Lincoln’s results. “User response has been unbelievable, very positive,” he reports, “Very predictable results, very good.”

Future Growth
The MITEQ application development team plans to build many future applications on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. “This project has been the gateway into doing that,” explains Ed Zwerling, “and into planning and implementing our future ERP system. It is all based on having Active Directory and all the right controls in place. These are capabilities we didn’t have before. Now, thanks to Lincoln’s help, we do. We’ve had an excellent experience with Lincoln Computer Services and would highly recommend them.”